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Members of the Circular Citizens team have presented along the project circular economy and interim results to different kinds of audiences.

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Катализаторы экономики замкнутого цикла: от инноваций к бизнес-экосистемам

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Circular economy in a municipality

Circular Citizens team visited Kangasniemi municipality Development Forum 8.11.2022 on the topic of How circular economy and the principles of sustainable consumption could be implemented in the municipality.

Circular economy  for students

Circular Citizens team held a presentation and a workshop also for students as a part of Kangasniemi municipality Development Forum 8.11.2022 .

Challenges of eco lifestyle

These interim results were presented at the International Transdisciplinary Conference 2021 as part of the report Beyond Rules and Obligations: Learning from Circular Citizens in Finland and Russia.

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