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Circularity pyramid

We came up with a circularity pyramid to guide in everyday circular life, inspired by the Zero Waste pyramid and the EU Waste Framework Directive.

Go ahead and try!

The aim of circular economy is to halt the over-consumption of natural resources. Most attention should be devoted to preventing waste generation through refusing free stuff
and reducing own consumption, repair and reusing what one already owns. 

1. Refuse and reduce consumption
2. Repair and reuse the already purchased
3. Recycle the waste, but only after the object is beyond repair and reuse

There´s something new and something familiar in this kind of living, isn´t there? The most important thing is to do our best - that is, to enhance circularity in our lives bit by bit.

In the words of one of our interviewees who quoted a Zero Waste Chef:

“We don’t need a handful of people who make zero waste visions perfectly, but we need a billion people who do it imperfectly”.






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